Materials for challenge participants

The following are materials that you should obtain in order to participate in the challenge. Please download corresponding items.

Data & Task files (common for SE and ASR tasks)

  • Test data
  • Training data
    • Clean training data: Please visit this page and obtain "WSJCAM0" from LDC
    • Multi-condition training data: Please use this MATLAB tool to generate the MC training data based on WSJCAM0
  • Task files
    • Task files for the dev set: They are included in the evaluation tools of both SE and ASR tasks
    • Task files for the eval set: Please download them from here
      Please copy the content of taskFiles_et.tgz to the directory containing the task files (i.e. "/taskfiles" for SE tool, and "/taskFiles" for the ASR tool).
      Please read the following readme files for instructions about how to use the evaluation task files,

Evaluation tools for SE/ASR task

If you have any questions regarding the challenge data and baseline system, please contact us.

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